HONG KONG-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge/Macau Motor Show travels(3)

The car features a high and low seat configuration in Harley’s car system is more common, looks more lenient, the use of three-wheeled design is also more suitable for long-distance travel, but also more than the average motorcycle more than a backup box.

The exhibition site also added an exhibition of various art collections in the Pearl River Delta region, most of the collection is porcelain jade and a variety of antiques, have corresponding numbers, interested in consultation and purchase, and even some independent display of the cultural relics should be expensive, because our focus is not here, so skip the discussion.

The rear of the cabin, there is a room on the left and right, can be changed according to the needs of different functions of the room, the left side of the ship is made into another bedroom, the other side of the room was converted into a clutter room.

After watching the yacht, then to see a more advanced Business aviation exhibition, Macau is indeed to serve the rich city, run an exhibition are so high-end, car + yacht + aircraft is more rare in other cities.

There are a total of 12 aircraft on site, the smallest Honda HA-420 only 4 passenger seats, the largest Lineage1000 can sit 19 passengers.

The aircraft’s biggest feature is its unique engine layout, with the engines of traditional light aircraft installed at the tail, while HondaJet’s two engines are connected to the main wing, located above the rear of the wing, and HondaJet is equipped with a HF120 turbo-fan engine developed in partnership with GE, The engine is a dual-rotor structure with a fan diameter of 1.1 meters, a two-stage low-pressure compressor + a single-stage centrifugal high-pressure compressor, a bypass ratio of 2.9, a maximum thrust of 2095 lbs, and about 950 kg.

From the third plane down, it was late, and by the time of the clearance, the tour was over. Although the Macau exhibition is small, but rich in content, there are many wonderful elements in addition to the car, such as classic vintage cars, motorcycles, yachts and airplanes, etc., can make this day very full. If you plan to travel to Macau, you can choose to come over at the time of the exhibition in early November.

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