Feel the charm of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family explore travels in western Sichuan/northern Yunnan(1)

In the the early 1930s, a plane planning to fly to Pakistan was strangely forced to landing on a deserted snowy snow in the Himalaya, which is Shangri-La. But the real “Shangri-La” where, there are divergent views, some people said she in Yunnan Diqing Shangri-la County, some people said she in Sichuan Ganzi Daocheng County Adan Village. This time I was lucky enough to follow the Mercedes SUV family team to the two places to explore the “Shangri-La” in my heart.

The next morning to the hotel parking lot to pick up the car, everyone according to the plan to distribute the vehicle ready to start. Photography team This task is very important, the equipment is also the most, this time the whole trip needs them to take records

When the vehicle is driving by the team coach driving, the coach is Heilongjiang Yichun people, previously he was Yichun’s forest fireman, especially familiar with the situation in the mountains. Yichun has the world’s largest area of red Pine Primeval forest, known as the “Natural Oxygen Bar”, known as the “Motherland Forest.”

This fish is a wild ya fish.

This bone is the bone of the fish’s head like a sword.

Newly built hotel facilities are very good, in the mountain scenery is also very beautiful, kangding tourism development is very fast, the new hotel will be a lot, encounter newly renovated room open window ventilation is very important.

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